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March to Mecca 2006

Lodging and Accommodations

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The Big Tent!

I am all about big tents! But see our list of fabulous lodging choices, too!-- Rosie


Accommodation princess Rosie with her March to Mecca award and a M2M plastic hand shoulder ornament! Get yours free at check-in!

Pack light and take your pick!

All located conveniently near or within the Makkah province, unless noted otherwise. Remember if you're traveling alone or in a group to bring bottled water, sunscreen, condoms and an adventurous spirit! ; )

Several options for hotel accommodations have been made for the march attendees, as well as tent lodging for those who cannot afford costlier hotels. Please make your reservations directly with the Huffington Post.  Be sure to mention “MFM 2007” in your email, to get a special rate.

Hijaz Hilton 
Room rates secured for $1,190 per night. Adjoining rooms with saunas for pairs traveling in groups who plan to socialize. GUEST STAYING HERE WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE GIFT BASKET SPONSORED BY INFERNAL RESTRAINTS

Haqi Pleasure Vistas
This temporary tent city,constructed through a grant from David Geffen is a“full service” canvas-roofed hall, complete with foldable partitions, portable wet bars and a mudpit.” Conference attendees who stay here will also get a late night shuttle service to and from the closest waterpark.

Najd Comfort Suites
Guest room rates include one complimentary ticket to the movie theatre located approximately 75 miles away. 

Ibn ali Hideaway
Currently going through a complete renovation. The hotel cannot provide wireless service. Sorry! Instead, accept our complimentary offer of fruit and a wide selection of magazines!

Email the Huffington Post for a comprehensive list of airline and car rental information. Look for Bono outside the baggage claim area!

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

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